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ive been laughing at this for like 10 min send help

Gwen’s fucking face. she’s just so fucking done.

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I have to disagree with the tags because I feel as though within six hours, Richards and Stark would be in a “I’m the smartest” pissing match. Peter would be to busy fanboying the fuck out over being in the same room as his heros. And poor Bruce would be in the corner doing yoga trying not to Hulk out because OMG TONY SHUT UP AND STOP BAITING REED. 

It would end with Hawkeye having to tranquilize them all from an air vent. 

… I’d watch the shit out of this.

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"I know a lot of girls have crushes on Daryl, so I guess I got pretty lucky with it. I’m a huge Norman Reedus fan too, so I did feel very lucky I got to do that episode with him. He’s a great actor and a great scene partner and we were a great team." -Emily Kinney

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Fairy World?


Scary World


You’re not that scary.


Well, here’s a picture of your grandma’s feet! 


It burns! 


Fairy World?


Hairy World.


Dairy World?


Hairy World.


Oh, darn it!


you know you’ve seen that show too many times when you read all that in their voices.

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The Walking Dead Meme: [1/6 episodes] Killer Within

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Damn straight there’s a Bisexual Agenda.

It’s to replace all cars with trained pterodactyls by 2025.

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Bad Wolf Meme
(1) Happy & Sad

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Stark kids talking about Ned

(Requested by anonymous.)

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Can we just stop and talk about this for a minute?

Thresh doesn’t make an alliance. Thresh doesn’t waste time liking her. Thresh knows that either he must kill her or she must kill him for one of them to win.

But this is the only way he can repay her for protecting Rue when he couldn’t. It’s the only way he can repay her for honoring Rue when he couldn’t. He honors her by sparing her friend, the girl who would have died for her.

The revolution really doesn’t start with Katniss.

It starts with Rue.


This is exactly the point I’ve been trying to make for years. Okay, so the revolution gets it’s kindling with Katniss. She volunteers, well that’s new, she rebels in the display of talents by shooting the apple. This triggers her perfect score, okay. These aren’t really “Revolutionary” though. 

It’s not even revolutionary when Peeta professes his love, because, let’s face it, the rules of the game haven’t changed. They’re still just two kids who would have to KILL each other to win. Without a doubt, it would bring some interest to the games, so the Capitol makes propaganda about it. The “Star Crossed Lovers” in a game of life and death.

But what changes the game is Rue. Right away from her introduction in the books we know Rue is going to be somewhat of a big deal. She was compared to the most important character to Katniss, Prim, so that’s a huge indicator. She’s small, young, she’s what Prim would have been.

So Katniss instantly feels a subconscious pull toward her. 

When they meet in the trees, Katniss could have killed Rue easily, and Rue probably could have pulled a sneak attack or alerted the Careers of Katniss’s presence. Instead, Rue points out the Tracker Jacker nest.

Then it escalates, Rue and Katniss become an odd team, they’re an alliance, which is never new in the Hunger Games, as forming teams and then betraying them at the end seems to be a common, but there’s is different. It’s close, it’s sisterly, protective.

And then Rue get’s impaled. Katniss kills her first tribute with ease after that. Comparing it to hunting game. Katniss holds Rue, she cries, and then she sings. She sings for Rue a song of promised safety and warmth, something completely absent in the arena. 

And this is where the metaphorical canon fires. Katniss could have left Rue, the hovercraft would have been along to pick her up, but she can’t. She’s morally obligated to love this girl as much as possible. And this is where the revolution starts. 

She honors the dead. She honors a dead tribute from a district she’d never seen, a person she’d known for only a short period of time. But she throws away Hunger Games norms. She rejects them completely.

In the Hunger Games you’re supposed to kill mercilessly and leave the victims for the plain box they’re shipped home in. 

Katniss gives Rue a funeral in the Games, she decorates the body, she makes it look like Rue is sleeping. Like no harm had come. Katniss just ignited the coals that Rue had placed.

Rue’s District sends a parachute. Homemade bread. 

Then Thresh kills Clove and distracts Cato by taking his bag. 

The fire is going now, and the actions in Catching Fire are even more obvious.

The Speech for Rue. Peeta’s painting. Everything eludes back to this one little girl who became Katniss’s family.

So the revolution never started with Katniss, she was just the tinder for Rue’s ignition. 

Rue was the real Mockingjay.

I just got fucking chills. I don’t think I ever realized this before.  I need to reread those books again.

I just loved that this little girl, this catalyst, was named “Rue”.

To “rue” something means to REGRET. (As in: “You’ll rue the day you crossed me.”) And the Capitol has a lot of regret to come to it.

And then there’s the homonym: “Roux”. A “roux” in cooking is a mixture of wheat flour and fat used as a base for sauces and stews as a thickening agent. It’s the beginnings, the catalyst for something richer, something more.

God I LOVE clever character names!

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Or, you know, you could just stop saying sorry.

I take it you don’t have anxiety.

You can’t “just stop saying sorry”. You do something, something so little, like accidentally bump into someone. You feel horrible about it. Your brain starts panicking and you have trouble trying to breathe. You stutter an apology. They say it’s okay, but you accidentally do it again, and you apologize again. They just say “Aha, you can stop saying sorry.” And you feel horrible that you’ve probably made them angry or upset, so you mutter out an apology for the third stupid time, and they just say to stop saying sorry. Stop saying sorry. 

You can’t just tell someone to stop saying you’re sorry.

I want that comment on flyers so I can hang them in my school

reblogging this one for the GOOD commentary.

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